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Do Not Wait Until It’s Too Late to Replace Your Car Battery

The battery in your car is responsible for providing the initial power to start your car and any power that the electrical components in your car need. This could include the windshield wipers, radio, and headlights. Like any other battery though, eventually, the battery in your car will wear out and will need to get replaced. If your car battery is worn out, it may prevent you from even starting your car. If your battery fails while you are driving, then you will not be able to operate your vehicle properly and could put yourself, passengers or other drivers at…

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Uh Oh, A Rock Hit My Windshield!

The road is full of debris at times. Rocks will be grabbed by tires in front of you and flung backward at tremendous force. This is especially true about large trucks, even though they may have guards hanging in front of their tires to protect you, the driver behind them. If you are traveling at a high rate of speed, and a rock like that hits you, it may do some damage to your windshield.

A crack in your windshield can begin to grow and shatter if another rock hits it, or simply from the changes in temperature. At that…
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Take Care of Your Tires, Save Yourself Some Money

Keeping your tires properly inflated is important but that's not all. It's also important to make sure that the tread is good and that your tires are wearing evenly. If you're not sure if your tires are needing to be replaced or not, there's a handy penny test that you can do to find out. All you need to do is put a penny into the tread (head first) and if you can see Lincoln's head, then it's time to go tire shopping. How your tread is wearing down can tell you a lot…
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Why You Should Have Your Brakes Serviced

Your brakes are an important part of your car, and should be serviced regularly. To truly understand when and why to get your brakes maintained, here is some information that could prove helpful.

There are two types of brakes on your car--front and rear. Front brakes use big metal disks called rotors. Rear brakes have rotors as well, but a number of manufacturers install expanding drum brakes on the rear brakes to cut down on production costs. When you press your brakes, it prompts the brake fluid and pushes the fluid through tubes........

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You Pesky Check Engine Light!

You're driving down the road and going about your day, and then it happens. Your dashboard has a glowing check engine light. Well, isn't that just lovely? Though it is inconvenient, think again before shrugging off this light.

A check engine light is usually a warning that a malfunction has occurred. Though it could be as simple as tightening a fuel filler cap, chances are that an O2 sensor, a MAP sensor, or some other component is not working properly. Besides robbing your engine of performance or fuel efficiency.......


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RAM Promaster Vans Will Jumpstart Your Business

Every day, I’m getting more and more business owners asking about the great selection of RAM commercial vans we offer at our dealership.

It’s simple: You want something easy to use, that’s durable, and fits in with the jobs you’re using it for. That’s exactly what our commercial vans will do for you. After all, your business is unique, and we have the right vehicle options that help you fit your own needs.

In the video, you can see for yourself how the Promaster City is helping one small business make their work easier and…

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Why Is RAM Interior Like An Adjustable Bed?

You've probably seen the commercials - the husband likes his bed hard and the wife likes her bed soft. So, how is this applicable to a RAM 2500 Heavy Duty? Now, you can enjoy the luxury HVAC setting in your RAM truck.

The driver can control the heating or cooling levels of his seat. This is quite nice, but with RAM it goes one step further. The passenger's seat can also be heated or cooled.

If you live in the Rocky Mountains, then you can think of many mornings when this would be needed. Run out to your truck…

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