Deciding on All- Wheel and Four-Wheel Drive?

If you happen to check with Erwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep, our team is going to guide you through benefits of an all-wheel or-4wheel drive to ensure you have the right choice with factual factors. Most modern SUVs, top trucks, and cars are 4WD equipped and therefore it's important to consider the drive terrain options and their functionalities.

When it comes to traction, 4-wheel drive is independent; for instance, if one of the wheels loses traction the other wheel can still push the car forward or backward. All-wheel however, has more launching thrust since all wheels are fed by power reducing the strain on the specific wheel. For drivers who do not want to struggle with shifting gears themselves, in cases of slippery surfaces the all-wheel drive is vital since it detects itself, but for those that want efficiency when it comes to heavy tasks on a daily basis, they might want to consider the 4WD.

Visit our showroom in Troy, OH to learn more and get a test drive today to make your final decision.

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