Some Good Reasons to Choose Your Parts from the Dealership

Just because an auto part costs less does not mean that it is of the same quality as a factory approved part. Original parts are made with the approval of the brand, and the quality control is rigidly overseen to ensure that the part will last.

Second hand and aftermarket parts are cheaper for a reason, and that reason is that they are usually not as well made and do not fall under the more rigorous manufacturing standards required of OEM parts. One has to seriously think about the warranty question when aftermarket parts are used. If a manufacturer has a warranty on a car, then it stands to reason that inferior parts could jeopardize the warranty. Brand name dealerships spend a lot of money training their mechanics, and they really know how to diagnose and repair the brand better than anyone else in the world. Their decision to use factory authorized parts speaks for itself.

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality part replacements in the Troy, OH area, be sure to plan a visit to meet with us at 2775 S Country Road!

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