Important Components About Engine Oil

The oil inside of your vehicle's engine goes through a cycle as it gets propelled through the moving parts within your engine, both lubricating as well as reducing the heat generated by all of the moving parts it lubricates.

The oil rests in the oil pan before the oil pump gets it going into motion, circulating it throughout the engine through tiny channels specially designed to ensure that all of the oil is utilized fully throughout each cycle in your engine.

The oil starts off very slick and typically contains a few additives to improve the performance of the oil. This is especially true with synthetic oils which are designed to help improve not only the longevity of the oil but also to help improve the lifespan of your vehicle's engine.

It may be time for your vehicle to have its oil changed. So, bring it down to Erwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep and let our team of experts make sure your vehicle gets the proper care it deserves so it can continue to take care of you.

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