Get your vehicle prepared for winter

2016 was a mild winter by Ohio standards. Still, AAA said that nearly 1.1 million Ohio motorists needed assistance that winter. It's important to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle and take some simple steps to prepare for any conditions.

Battery - Make sure your battery is holding a charge. Check the battery cables to ensure they are fastened securely and that there is no corrosion. If your car does not start it may be more than an inconvenience, it may be dangerous.

Tires - Proper tire depth helps with gripping the road. Make sure your tires have the right tire pressure and consider winter tires.

Wiper Blades - Check your wiper blades for wear. Look for tears and check for cracks. Never use your wipers to deice your vehicle.

Fluids - Have your oil and transmission fluids changed and consider switching to a heavier oil for winter. Make sure your antifreeze has a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water.

Our service department at Erwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep can help you prepare for winter. Contact us and make an appointment.

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