Prioritize Brake Fluid on Your Maintenance Schedule

As a studious car owner, it is important to learn how the different components of your vehicle operate and also to establish a maintenance routine to keep everything working as it should. Due to the role that it plays in maintaining vehicle safety, brake fluid should be high on the maintenance list.

Brake fluid, which can be referred to as hydraulic fluid, is important because its presence, under pressure, in the brake lines is what supplies the force that makes slowing down your vehicle possible. The fluid can absorb moisture which causes it to degrade. This degradation makes a routine change of the fluid necessary to ensure the fluid continues to work properly. The suggested time between fluid changes is roughly every two years.

When the time comes to have your brake fluid changed, come visit us at Erwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep. The mechanics in our Troy, OH service center are all standing ready to solve any and all of your brake-related needs.

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