Why Salt & Sand Are Necessary for The Winter Months

One of the worst parts of the winter season is not the cold or the darkness. Instead, it truly is the ice and the snow. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that every year approximately one million Americans slip and fall on the ice each year. Of that figure, 17,000 of them will be fatal injuries.

The ice that comes each year is no joke, and proper steps should be taken to help make sure you stay safe this winter. One of the best things to start with is sodium chloride rock salt. This salt works fast to eat away the ice and snow but will leave behind water in its place. The water can still be a hazard as it will likely just refreeze. This is where a good bag of sand comes in handy. They are easy to find and pretty affordable and will give you a good healthy layer of traction throughout the year.

Make sure to drive safely this winter, all of us here at Erwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep wish you a warm start to the New Year!

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